Ritornello CD draws attention, praise

October 12th, 2014 Uncategorized

The new Cacioppo disc RITORNELLO was released by Navona Records on August 12th, and has garnered both a Grammy nomination and inclusion on Fanfare’s end-of-year critic’s “want list:”


“Curt Cacioppo is a prolific, uncategorizable American composer, whose music on his latest release, Ritornello, is more often than not tonal, melodic, and programmatic, inspired by Italian subjects. Included are his concise 6th String Quartet, Divertimenti in Italia, a work of Beethovenian grace and assurance, Dalle Dolomiti all’ Etna, a set of varied, evocative piano pieces, and a fascinating, spiritual Piano Quintet in seven movements, Women at the Cross.”