The compositions of Curt Cacioppo group under three headings: those with Italian focus, those with Native American focus, and those whose foci originate from inspirational channels diverse and further afield. The catalog of works listed here is so aligned, with pieces then organized according to instrumentation & duration. The Ensemble Ex Novo rehearsing Tucson Scherzo at Teatro La Fenice, VeniceAll have come under the aegis of the Orenda Press, and the process of converting those scores still in manuscript to computer printed format, and making the entire catalog available both in hard copy and online as pdf.s is underway. Inquiries about current availability – pricing, purchasing, and perusal – are most welcome, as are questions about commissioning, and may be directed via email through this site.


Cacioppo has executed a variety of commissions, from those of a high profile nature for internationally renowned performers such as the nine time Grammy® winning Emerson String Quartet to smaller scale projects for local ensembles and ceremonial occasions. He has written for the Chicago and Milwaukee Symphonies, the Pacific Symphony, the Carmel Bach Festival Orchestra, the Yale Symphony, the Bach Society Orchestra, the Virtuosi dell’ Ensemble di Venezia, the Ex Novo Ensemble, the Network for New Music, the American String Quartet, the Moscow String Quartet, the Borromeo Quartet, the Quartetto d’ Archi di Venezia, the New York Chamber Brass, the Sartori Trio, the Duo Alterno, the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, the Tucson Friends of Chamber Music, Lyric Fest, the Settimana Organistica Internazionale, the International Venice Festival, the NED Ensemble of Verona, the Alba Music Festival, for soloists such as Abbiati prize winners Emanuele Arciuli and Francesco D’Orazio, and many others.

Support comes from a range of sources including large foundations and trusts, performing organizations and presenters, competitive grants and private donors.

For more information on commissioning, please contact the composer.

Music of Italian focus

Music of Native American focus Music of diverse foci

Music of Italian focus


Ciclo metamorfico sul nome d’un Maestro — 45 min (piano; written for George Rochberg’s 70th birthday & commissioned by his wife Gene)

Getreidegasse Nr. 9

Lo studio


The Absolutist


Scena appassionata e pastorale




America: a prayer

Finale: Rondino

Nos. 1, 2, 3, 5 & 7 available as a set. All others available separately.

Tuscan Folio — 20 min (piano version, prepared for the Rive-Gauche Concert series, Turin)

America: a prayer

Capriccio leggendario e suoni del Palio


Each available separately. 

Sonata trasfigurata (aka Piano Sonata No. 1) — 14 min (piano; written for Alan Moverman)

di cibo celeste — ciaconna-fantasia — 14 min (organ; written for the Settimana Organistica Internazionale)

Silent Melodramas (5 reflections on poems of Luigi Cerantola) — 12 min + (piano)

1-3: Trois morceaux

Gioia celata — 2.5 min
Cactus — 2 min
Aenigmate — 3 min

4-5: Deux pièces à mon père
Diamanti — 1.5 min
Sognando — 3.5 min

Suite from Vespero Vermiglio — 12 min (organ)




Fantasia (Veni Creator Spiritus)

Francesca Fantasy — 12 min (piano; after Zandonai’s Francesca da Rimini, written for collaboration with the Gruppo Strumentale Ciampi, Piacenza)

Pandora’s Box (Toccata) – 9 min (piano; dedicated to Emanuele Arciuli)

Notturno elidiano — 8 min (piano; written for collaboration with the Gruppo Strumentale Ciampi, Piacenza)

Quiete notturna — 7 min (piano; fantasia-berceuse after an etching by Lia Laterza)

Capriccio pellicano — 7 min (harpsichord; written for the Alba Festival)

Visione delle Crociate — 7 min (organ; written for the Settimana Organistica Internazionale)

Fuga cavalcantiana — 7 min (piano & tape)

Ricercar sopra “Clavis Astartis Magica” — 6 min (piano)

Il Pensionato — fantasia fugale — 6 min (piano)

Carmina fiant – 6 min (piano)

a Violetta aka “Venezia mia” — 5 min (piano)

Ecco Venere — 5 min (piano)

Endgame: a prelude — 4 min (piano; companion piece to the fantasia fugale “Il Pensionato”)

Old Swedes — fantasy on “Santa Lucia” — 4 min (piano; part of a Philadelphia Chamber Music Society commission)

Sarabande after Refice — 3 min (organ)

Consolatio (from Vespero Vermiglio) — 3 min (organ or piano)

Arrivederci — 3 min (piano)

Epitaph — 3 min (piano)

In the Dolomites — 3 min (piano)

Somnamble — 3 min (piano)

Burlesca (on “Fin ch’ han dal vino”) — 3 min (piano)

Nel mezzo del cammin — 3 min (organ or piano)

Breve indagine fugale d’un arabesco di Chopin — 2 min (piano)

Cartolina — 1 min (piano)


String Quartet No. 3 (“Impressioni venexiane” — Impressions of Venice) — 35 min (string quartet; written at the request of the Quartetto d’Archi di Venezia) Sunrise over St. Mark’s (aerial view); song of the Serenissima; the Quadriga; reflection of flames on wet pavement (Piazza S. Marco); simbolo (over the entrance to the Chiesa di S. Maria Madalena); canzona popolare (“Venezia mia!”); napping on Attila’s throne (Torcello; Campo dei Mori (Palazzo Mastelli); the Ghetto; sunset on the banks of Lido (vespers from S. Giorgio/cantilena); reprise

Women at the Cross (Donne alla Croce) — 31 min (quintet for piano, 2 vn, va, vc – for the 30th anniversary of the Quartetto di Venezia)

I – Maria, gratia plena

II – Procula

III – Veronica

IV – Maddalena

V – La terza Maria

VI – Salome

VII – Finale: Sons of Thunder

Concerto for Oboe and String Chamber Orchestra with Harpsichord — 29 min (ob solo, 4 vln, vla, vc, cb, hpschd; for the International Venice Festival “Viva Vivaldi” at the Chiesa di S. Maria della Pietà on the Grand Canal in Venice)
May be performed with augmented string section.
2nd movement (“Largo”) available separately.

String Quartet No. 8 (Bagatelle-Variations on “Wohl kenn’ ich Eueren Stand” from Hugo Wolf’s Italian Songbook) — 27 min (for the Quartetto di Venezia)

Colomba scarlatta della Libia (Red Dove of Libya)— 22 min (fl, harp, cb, percussion; based on the story of the Temple of Venus at Erice in Sicily; spoken text fragments from Shakespeare; written for the Network for New Music, Philadelphia)

Prélude ericéen (fl solo)

Melodrama and Ayre (ens. & spoken voices)

Processional Dance (ens.)

Prélude ericéen (4 min) available separately.

String Quartet No. 6 (“Divertimenti in Italia/Italian Holiday”) — 16 minutes (for the Quartetto di Venezia

Trulli Sketches

In the Dolomites

Sorriso a Catania

Escapade vénitienne — 10 min (fl, vla, harp; for the Trio Leonardo di Venezia)

In Augusta’s Company (sextet for string quartet, solo vn, pno) — 10 min (for the Quartetto di Venezia, Marco Rizzi and Gabriele Carcano, Progetto Franck 200 Festival)

String Quartet No. 7 (“Nebbia lagunare”) — 9 min (for the Quartetto di Venezia)

Swan of the Sile — 8 min (guitar)

Tarantella d’Aello — 7 min (solo 5 string vn)

Tucson Scherzo — 9 min (fl, cl, vln, vcl, pno; for the Ensemble Ex Novo di Venezia)

Tucson Scherzo — 9 min (concertante version for fl solo, strings & hpschd; for the Alba Festival)

Sinfonia e fugato — 7 min (fl, vln, vla, vc, pno; a birthday party in baroque style for Scarlatti, Bach, Handel & Schütz)

Sorriso a Catania — 7 min (string quartet)

Trulli Sketches — 6 min (string quartet)

flights of fancy – 6 min (solo flute; for Andrea Vecchiato)

Colapesce – 5 min (solo harp; for Paola Perrucci)

Colapesce – 5 min (harp, cello; for the duo Strange Interlude)

Gloria (from Vespero Vermiglio) — 3 min (for 8 cellos, arr. for the Venice Cello Ensemble)

In the Dolomites —3 min (string quartet; for the Quartetto di Venezia, in anticipationof their 30th anniversary)


Poems from Paternina— 19 min (soprano & piano, for the Fiore-Cacioppo Duo; texts by C.H.O. Scaife, Shelley)

Ghosts of Old Desires

In memoriam

To a Connoisseur

Each available separately.

Bernini Elegy – 14 min (bass-baritone & piano; text by C.H.O. Scaife, “AN ELEGIAC FRIEZE for AURELIO BERNINI,” used with the author’s permission and encouragement)

Sestinamento “Operistica” — 14 min (soprano & piano; text by Luigi Cerantola, composed at the request of the author and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura)

Canzoni su testi di Renzo Oliva — 14 min (soprano and piano)

zero nonostante

io non sono più là

vipere d’ombra

alcune sere

un libro nero

mi chiedo

Franciscan Prayer — 9 min (bass-baritone & piano; text attr. St. Francis of Assisi)

Notturno elidiano — 8 min (version for piano & spoken voice; text by Claudio Saltarelli)

Due canti brevi su poesia di Claudio Saltarelli — 7 min (soprano & piano, for the Duo Alterno di Torino)

Foglie avanti San Savino

Evocazioni di gelo avanti San Savino

Sugnu sicilianu — 7 min (tenor & piano; text by Gaetano Lino)

Nono volto di luna — 6 min (soprano & piano; text by Claudio Saltarelli)

Canto notturno — 5 min (soprano & piano, for the Fiore-Cacioppo Duo; text by Giacomo Leopardi)

Né più la luce — 4 min (soprano & piano; text by Luigi V. Cerantola)

Danae — 4 min (chorus SATB, a cappella, text by Luigi V. Cerantola; for Gonçalo Lourenço and the ESART Singers/Studio Conducere)

Arianna — 4 min (SATB chorus, a cappella, text by Luigi V. Cerantola; for Tian Hui Ng and the Haverford — Bryn Mawr College Chamber Singers)

O principessa — 3 min (soprano & piano, text by Luigi Cerantola)

Marzo — 3 min (baritono & piano, text by Luigi Cerantola)

Volgi, Beatrice — 3 min (soprano & piano, for performance sponsored by the IIC; text by Dante)

Mixed ensemble>>

Franciscan Prayer — 9 min (bass-baritone & piano, with trumpet & percussion obblig.; text attr. St. Francis of Assisi)

Alla primavera — madrigale virtuosa — 9 min (chorus SATB, soli SATB, piano, harpsichord, vln, vla, vcl, fl, cl, bsn; text by Giacomo Leopardi)

Natura — 9 min (soprano, pno, electronics; on a madrigal text by Luigi Cerantola)

Gloria — trio version — 4 min (soprano, oboe, pno; from Vespero vermiglio, text by Luigi Cerantola)

Volgi, Beatrice — 3 min (for soprano & string quartet; adapted for Lyric Fest)

Large forces>>

Trilogia dantesca — 90 min (orchestra, chorus SATB, piano, supported by a Howard Foundation fellowship, funds from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and private donations); texts by Dante et al)

Vexilla (pno & orch)

Antiphon a cappella (altos)

Numina (pno, orch, chor)

Antiphon al eco accompagnato (sopranos & 2 fl, 2 ob, B-flat Cl, 2 bsn, Hn, Tpt in C)

Adfirmatio (pno, orch, chor)

Vexilla available separately as stand-alone concerto. Numina available separately as stand-alone concerto with or without chorus.

Numina available in alternate piano & chamber orchestra version (single ww/br).

Adfirmatio available separately as stand-alone concerto with chorus.

La Canzon della Veglia — 60 min (melodrama for orchestra, chorus SATB, soprano solo, actress and male dancer; libretto by Claudio Saltarelli — score in preparation; originally written for the Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana di Piacenza)

Sequenza del Vespero Vermiglio — 58 min (chorus SATB, soprano solo, organ concertante & percussion; libretto by Luigi Cerantola; a musical celebration commissioned privately by a Venetian family)*

Alto nel sole; Brilla più bello

Fantasia (organ solo — Veni Creator Spiritus)

Nitida l’aria; L’ultima nube (Pavana)

Ricercar (organ solo — sul nome Angelo Gobbo)

Gloria; Candido splende (Aria & chorus)

Erge i vessilli; La bella estate (Polonaise)

Consolatio (organ solo)

L’estate ha il fiore; Tutto illudente (Gavotta)

Onda; Esuli (Arioso)

Sfinge (organ solo)

Godi; Se tenzonò (Soggetto canonico imbattagliato; alla Siciliana)

Orma al chiaror; Accesso a paradisi (Madrigal & Aria)

Bevi; Nella tua pace (chorale prelude — Ut Queant Laxis)

Bello il volo; Angelo (choral fantasy — Missus est Gabriel Angelus)

Contemplatio: Occhio intatto (organ & chorus in recitation)

*also known as “Cantata concertante degli Angeli,” or “Cantata of the Angels”

Women of Ancient Greek Myth: 7 motets on poems by Luigi Cerantola — 40 min (chorus SATB, a cappella)








Symphony No. III “Tuscan Folio” — 21 min (commissioned by the Yale Symphony Orchestra on support from the Howard Foundation & AMC)

America: una preghiera

Capriccio leggendario e suoni del Palio


1st & 3rd movements available separately. 2nd & 3rd movements available as ‘prelude & scherzo’ pairing.

Music of Native American focus


Pawnee Preludes — 19 min

The Buffalo and the Crow

The Woman Imitates the Buffalo

I Hear the Sound of a Child Crying

Spring is Opening

Beloved Emblem

How Near is the Morning?

Old Age is Painful

The Woman Welcomes the Warrior

Mad Chief Mourns for his Grandson

Nos. 4, 5 & 8 available as separate concert pieces.

Lyric Visions from the Pawnee — 8 min


Dream Voices

Night Vigil

Ghost Dance

Variation (Reprise)

Old Petitions — 6 min

Rock Solid — 4 min (in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux)

Bluebird Sings Goodnight — 3 min

Under the Treaty Elm — 3 min (part of a commission from the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society)


Womb of the Sacred Mountains — 1 hour, 51 min (string quartet); a cycle of four string quartets inspired by the Navajo creation story

  • a distant voice calling — Níłch’i dine’é
  • Coyoteway —Mą’ iijí hatáál
  • Kinaaldá: The Rite of Changing Woman
  • Monsterslayer — Nayénĕzgạni

Monsterslayer — Nayénĕzgạni (String Quartet No. 1) — 37 min (string quartet; commissioned by the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society with support from the Pew Charitable Trusts for the Emerson String Quartet)





Dance of Celebration

Last in a cycle of four string quartets based on the Navajo creation story entitled Womb of the Sacred Mountains.

The Ancestors — 32 min (vln, vc, pno; commissioned for the Sartory Trio in residence at Duquesne University by artist Charles Stegeman Sr.)






a distant voice calling — Níłch’i dine’é (String Quartet No. 2) — 27 min (string quartet; commissioned by the Arizona Friends of Chamber Music with the sponsorship of Linda and Stuart Nelson for the American String Quartet)




Finale: Rondo

First in the cycle Womb of the Sacred Mountains.

Kinaaldá (The Rite of Changing Woman – String Quartet No. 5) — 25 min (string quartet; written for the Borromeo Quartet)

Fantasy; Theme and Variations

Third in the cycle Womb of the Sacred Mountains.

Coyoteway — Mą’ iijí hatáál (String Quartet No. 4) — 22 min (string quartet; written for the Moscow String Quartet at their request)

Emanations from the Underworld


Hogan Dance

The Swallows’ Colloquy

Shawl Dance

Coyote’s Leap

Fire Dance

Fortyniner (Round Dance)

Second in the cycle Womb of the Sacred Mountains.

Wolf — 17 min (soprano, vc, pno; written for the Fiore-Cacioppo Duo and cellist David Geber, commissioned by the Samuel S. Fels Fund; text by Peter Blue Cloud)

Snake Dance – Coyóhim Katsina — 14 min (fl, vc, pno)

Tucson Scherzo — 9 min (see Italian focus section)

Red Bird (with Alejandro Cardona) — timing variable (guitar and variable obbligato instruments)

The Yellow Star (with Alejandro Cardona) — 3 min (fl, vcl, guitar)


Red Jacket/Yonnondio (“Upon this scene, this show”) — 5 min (sopr & pno, text by Walt Whitman; for Lyric Fest)

Quattro canti indigeni nordamericani — 9 min (SATB, SB soli)

Zuñi Lullaby

Taos Moonlight Song

Creek-Cherokee Deer Conjuring Song

The Huron Carol (Quodlibet)


Symphony No. IV “Scenes from Indian Country” — 19 min (movement 1 commissioned jointly by the Chicago Symphony and Milwaukee Symphony; movements 2 and 3 commissioned by the Chamber Orchestra of Bryn Mawr)

Invocation and Dance of the Mountain Gods

Raven Lance

Crying for Justice

Each available separately.

Symphony No. V “Lenape Refrains” — 32 min (for 19 strings, clarinet, and Native American voice and percussion; commissioned by the Philadelphia Classical Symphony through the Philadelphia Music Project/Pew Trusts & NEA)

Symphony No. VI “When the Orchard Dances Ceased” — 13 min (str 6,5,4,3,2, single ww/br, hp, pno, timp + 2 perc, Native American voice & percussion; commissioned by the American Composers Orchestra for its Zankel Hall “Orchestra Underground” series)

Symphony No. VIII in E♭ Minor “The Mountains are Dancing” — 35 min (for large orchestra)

Music of diverse foci


Three American Fantasies — 45 min

Contrapuntal Fantasy on John Newton’s “Amazing Grace”

Ostinato-Fantasia on “All Creatures of Our God and King”

Fantasy-Choruses on “This Little Light of Mine”
Available separately.

Piano Variations on “Hail to the Chief” — 36 min

Stories from the 7th Ward: a tribute to New Orleans — 32 min (2 pnos, for the Orpheus Duo)

The Valiant Crab

Taffeta Skirts

Parisian Room Waltz

Saints Alive!

Eclogue: Symphony for Piano (Symphony No. I) — 25 min

Scena & Rondo-Fantasia (Finale for Beethoven’s Op. 111) — 18 min

Synaesthesis I (aka Piano Sonata No. 2) — 15 min

Philadelphia Diary — 15 min (commissioned by the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society)

Under the Treaty Elm

Old Swedes

Strawbridge Observatory

Masonic Temple (melodrama)

Boathouse Row

Cameos from the Quaker Domain (13 short solo pieces) — 14 minutes

Armed and Dangerous (fantasy-variations on “L’ Homme armé”) — 12 min (for Emanuele Arciuli)

Fantasy, Air and Rag (2 pnos – tribute to J.S. Bach, for the Orpheus Duo) — 12 min

Saints Alive! — 11 min (2 pnos – for the Orpheus Duo)

Ricercare scherzoso (Scherzo for Beethoven’s Op. 111) — 10 min

Variations on a theme of Mozart — 10 min

The Valiant Crab — 8 min (2 pnos – for the Orpheus Duo)

Parisian Room Waltz — 7 min (in honor of Dixieland trumpeter Tony Almerico; for solo pno or 2 pnos)

Klavierstück — 7 min

Adelberg Vignette – 6 min

Taffeta Skirts — 6 min (2 pnos with pno I perc. obbligato – for the Orpheus Duo)

Triumvirate Anthem — 5 min (1 pno, 6 hands + optional male voices)

Summer Moon over Cape Cod — 5 min

August Rose — 5 min

January Thaw — 5 min

Safe Space 2 (dedicated to Jed Distler) — 5 min

¡Angelus! — 5 min

Homage to Diz — fantasy in honor of Dizzy Gillespie — 5 min

Sharon’s Song — 4 min

Julian’s Song — 4 min

Vaya con Dios (tango) — 4 min

Lied ohne Worte (arr. of movement from Schoenberg’s Serenade) — 4 min

Bagatelle nostalgique — 4 min

Hal’s Reprise – 4 min (follows “Dans le Parc)

In Memoriam — 3 min (orig. pno version)

Requiescat in Pace — 3 min

Fugue and Chorale — 3 min

Goldberg’s Cat — 3 min

Glück auf! (fanfare-prelude) — 3 min

חמלה (Mitleid) — 3 min

Precious Lord, Take my Hand — 3 min (for Martin Luther King)

Rag for J.S. — 3 min

Tango — 3 min (commemorative piece for the Biden’s, inauguration 2021)

Trigger Warning 1 (not for those of weak constitution) — 3 min

Trigger Warning 3 (Nobody seems to notice, and nobody seems to care.) — 3 min

Plie d’amour (after L. Newman) — 3 min

Ein Ländler – 2.5 min

Safe Space 1 (and teach those swains) – 2 min 15 sec

Dans le Parc – 2 min (segues into “Hal’s Reprise”)

Snow Day Fugue (after Schumann, Winterzeit Nr. 1, Op. 68) — 2 min

Tumbling — 2 min

Infinitive — 2 min

Au Revoir — 2 min

Neue Widmung (after Schumann) — 2 min (pno 4 hands)

Drehleier Blues (after Schubert, “Der Leiermann”; optional vocal part and instrumental descant available) — 2 min +

Chloe — 2 min

Fuga meteo (music for a meteorologist) — 1.5 min

Minute March — 1 min +

With tithes and offerings — 1 min

Cadenzas for Mozart’s piano concerti K. 271, K. 466, K. 467, K. 491, K. 595

Also available: Largo in E — 9 min (version for organ)


Trio for violin, horn and piano — 18 min (for Francesco D’Orazio & David Wetherill)

Faust Narrative No. 1 (after Busoni; dedicated to Leonard Samuels in memoriam) — 18 min (vln, pno)

Fantaisie-Sonatine (“Souvenirs du Levant”) — 16 min (oboe, pno)

Faust Narrative No. 2 (after Busoni; for Francesco D’Orazio) — 15 min (vln, pno)

Pharaonic Suite —14 min (brass quintet: 2 trp, hn, tbn, tba; for Graham Ashton & the New York Chamber Brass)

  • Bustin’ Cheops
  • Utsphea (Secret Chamber)
  • Ladder to the Sun (Falcon Dance)

Suite Brahms — 12 min (fl, va, harp; for the Trio Leonardo of Venice; Intermezzo in E, Op. 116, No. 4 – Intermezzo in B flat min, Op. 117, No. 2 – Capriccio in B min, Op. 76, No. 2, arranged and elaborated)

Nevskaya Fantaziya (Neva Fantasy) — 11 min (vln, pno; for the 2019 Tschaikovsky Center Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia)

Notturno & Danse joyeuse — 10 min (ob, pno; originated as a reading commission for the National Jazz Ensemble)

Largo in E — 9 min (version for 8 cellos; arr. for the Venice Cello Ensemble)

Largo in E — 9 min (2 vln, 2 vla, 2 vc — original version, written for a Kinhaven summer festival ensemble)

Gone Bats – 8 min (solo cello; for Nicola Fiorino)

Elegy — 8 min (aka “Hamlet Elegy” – solo violin; written for Abbiati prize winner Francesco D’Orazio)

Séance (Concert Etude) — 8 min (solo bsn)

Tritton Fanfare — 5 min (brass quintet — 2 tpt in C, hn, tbn, b-tbn/tba; commissioned by Haverford College for the Philadelphia Brassworks for the inauguration of the school’s 12th president)

Dea praeclara — 5 min (woodwind quintet — fl, ob, cl, hn, bsn)

Scion — 5 min (solo B♭ cl)

of dark and bright — 4 min (solo hn; published by SCHOTT – HL:49018512)

Cadenza for the C.P.E. Bach d minor Flute Concerto — 3 min (fl; commissioned by Jeanne Baxtresser, originally published in the JJournal of the Victorian Flute Guild)

Coronach — 3 min (solo vc)

Desert Soliloquy — 2.5 min (solo ob)

Neue Widmung (after Schumann) — 2 min (2 vc)

Mignon (after Schumann) — 2 min (tenor, hn, pno)


Songs With and Without Words (a cycle for soprano and pianist) — 28 min (texts by Sharon Lamb, Chekhov, and Curt Cacioppo)

Sharon’s Song (pno solo)

The Heron

God will pity us

Julian’s Song (pno solo)

The Stone

Useless things

Father sounds the chord

Carmina fiant (pno solo)

To A Child Dancing In The Wind — 25 min (soprano & pno version; text by William Butler Yeats)

Sieben Thiel Lieder — 22 min (bass-baritone & pno; texts by Friedrich Thiel)

Es stirbt in Menschen nie

Einmal nur dich zu berühren

Herbst voll Licht

Wasser, Luft und Schaum

Abends sind die Geister schwer

Der Spinne gleicht die Zeit

Daß ich denke, daß ich dichte

Wasser, Luft und Schaum available separately.

Two Scenes and a Song — 18 min (baritone & pno; texts by Percy Bysshe Shelley)

Today is for itself enough

Life of Life!

Spirit of Delight

Each available separately.

(I, madly struggling, cry) — 15 min (baritone and piano, text by Walt Whitman, with additional lines by Emma Lazarus – aka “The Golden Door”)

Conditions of Life: a cycle of 6 songs on poems by the composer — 14 min (mezzo soprano and piano)

from the cradle

when we were young

slumber, o slumber

under bright moonlight


how can it obtain

Three Shelley Settings — 11 min (soprano & pno; texts by Percy Bysshe Shelley)

from The Zucca

A Dirge


Notturno elidiano — 8 min (version for piano & spoken voice on Beethoven texts)

An die unsterbliche Geliebte — 6 min (bass-baritone & pno; text by Beethoven)

Revelation 21 — 13 min (treble choir, S solo, organ; commissioned by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, for an AIDS memorial service)

An “Amen!” to Peace — 5 min (chorus SATB, soli SATB, org; dedicated to the victims of the Kent State shootings; commended by President Nixon)

Land of the Free — 3 min (sopr/pno)

Hymn of Affirmation aka Hymn to God’s Love — 1 min (chorus SATB, org)

Mixed ensemble>>

Linus — 12 min (alto, vln, vla, vc, pno; text by the composer)
Dialogue — 5 min (tbn, pno — tbn doubles as soprano; private commission)


Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in F# Minor— 42 min (for Francesco D’Orazio)

Symphony No. II “To A Child Dancing In The Wind” (with soprano)— 25 min (text by William Butler Yeats; commissioned by the Bach Society Orchestra of Harvard University)

Symphony No. VII “Of Shacklers and Heroes” (for the Orquesta Sinfónica de Heredia, Costa Rica) — 18 min

Symphony No. IX in B Minor — 25 min (a stand alone work, or a finale for Schubert’s “Unfinished”)

Largo in E — 9 min (version for strings and timpani with pno obblig.; requested by the Bach Society Orchestra)

A Meeting of Souls — 8 min (strings 88553 and cembalo; commissioned by the Carmel Bach Festival, Paul Goodwin, music director)

Midsummer Air — 6 min (baroque strings 88553 and cembalo; commissioned by the Carmel Bach Festival, Paul Goodwin, music director)