Current projects

The 2018-19 season saw collaborations between Cacioppo and the Carnegie Hall “Migrations” Festival, Lyric Fest and The Phoenix Concerts, the PostClassical Ensemble at the National Cathedral, the Italian Academy of Columbia University, the Duo Alterno of Turin, the Verdi Conservatory in Milan, the Orizzonti and Time Zones festivals in Bari, the Peabody Institute, the Scheidt School of Music in Memphis, the Cole Conservatory in Long Beach, CA, the Winnsboro Center for the Arts in Texas, the Boyer College of Music in Philadelphia, and Lehigh and Wilfrid Laurier universities. He performed with artists such as Abbiati Prize winning violinist Francesco D’Orazio and former Philadelphia Orchestra first horn David Wetherill, composed new works for pianist Kenneth Fearn, harpist Paola Perrucci, cellist Nicola Fiorino, and was commissioned by the Tchaikovsky Center for Musical Culture in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was featured on WRTI’s Performance Studio and in the prestigious  Giornale della Musica in Italy. He further produced over a dozen new YouTube videos in collaboration with composers Marino Baratello, Massimo Iamone, Franco Cavallone and Mark Hagerty, visual artists Ying Li, Lia Laterza, Michelle Samour, and Harold Walker, and performing artists Kristina Bachrach, soprano, William Sharp, baritone, Wan-Chi Su, pianist, James Ross, conductor and horn player, and The Philadelphia Brassworks. Additionally, Cacioppo produced a 7-episode video realization of his Grammy®-nominated “Women at the Cross,” in partnership with the Quartetto di Venezia, disseminated privately via Facebook throughout the Lenten period.

The 2019-20 season begins with September recording sessions in Italy, as pianist Emanuele Arciuli lays down the fantasy-variations “Armed and Dangerous” at the Area DIG studio in Molfetta (BA). In October, Cacioppo participates in the PostClassical Ensemble’s festival “Native American Inspirations: From Spillville to Pine Ridge” at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. His work for the Tchaikovsky Center will be premiered in November at the Marble Palace of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. His music will be heard during the Nuova Consonanza festival in Rome early in December.

On January 26, 2020, Cacioppo ushers in the New Year with a full program of world premieres, including arias, a monodrama and a cycle of motets. Joining soprano Kristina Bachrach, he presents his art song and monodrama settings of poetry by Luigi Cerantola on the first half of the concert. The second half features his a cappella motet cycle “Women of Ancient Greek Myth” sung by the Viva Voce Chamber Singers under the direction of Nathan Zullinger. The stories of Circe, Europa, Galatea, Arianna, Daphne, Danae and Atropos are retold by Cerantola in new poems written expressly for this most recent project. The occasion celebrates Cacioppo’s 12-year collaborative relationship with Luigi Cerantola, regarded by many as the major living Italian poet.

Cacioppo also looks forward to upcoming collaborations with pianist Alessandro Vena, violinist Domenic Salerni, and composers Roberto de Mattia and Riccardo Piacentini who have written pieces for him. Cacioppo’s premiere performance of his “Ciclo metamorfico sul nome d’un Maestro,” dedicated to George Rochberg, will appear shortly, and his studio recording of “Devisadero” and “World’s End Preludes” by Christopher Shultis will be released in the spring on Neuma Records.

Click here to view the John Thornton documentary entitled “Ying Li and Curt Cacioppo: A Synaesthetic Marriage of Art and Music.”

Curt Cacioppo, piano, with baritone Alex Dobson in Winterreise

Curt Cacioppo, piano, with baritone Alex Dobson in Winterreise

Past Projects

For presenters and prospective collaborators, here are titles of some past productions that he has been involved in, reflective of various themes. For a complete annotated program of any event or series, please contact him through this site and material will be furnished in PDF or other formats as requested.

  • “The West” – major festival sponsored by the ACF and the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, Joseph Horowitz, artistic advisor
  • “American Roots” –major festival of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and the Newark Museum, Joseph Horowitz, artistic advisor
  • “Fantasies and Reflections” – a program of premieres of new works, including the major piano cycle Three American Fantasies
  • “A Celebration of Native American Ceremony: the Navajo Coyoteway” – week long residency with Navajo John Co’ií Cook & premiere by Moscow Quartet
  • “The Distant Native Voice” – CD & Symposium highlighting the crossover of Native American and Euro-American musics
  • “Incroci di Millennio/Millennium Crossings” – CD & tour – Italian and American piano music from the last quarter of the 20th century, a trans-Atlantic venture
  • Winterreise and Beyond” – an interdisciplinary celebration with baritone Alexander Dobson 
  • “Il pianoforte nel repertorio del Novecento e contemporaneo” – an atelier series for advanced students of piano and composition, with solo recital finale
  • “Divagando attorno all’opera Sequenza del Vespero Vermiglio” – a dialogue with Luigi Cerantola, poet, & Curt Cacioppo, composer, sponsored by the Benetton Research Center, Treviso
  • “Italy in Music, Verse and Vision” – a multi-media event, with international participation, centered on the work of Gabriele D’Annunzio
  • “Liszt in Italy” – a multi-media realization of Liszt’s Italian-inspired solo works, with Kenneth Fearn, piano
  • “Viva Vivaldi” – the premiere of oboe concerto, written for the International Venice Festival at the Chiesa della Pietà, based on Vivaldi’s famous Gloria
  • “Beethoven for Bosnia” – all of the sonatas for piano and violin in a series of three benefit concerts to aid student refugees
  • “German American Day” – featured artist for the 17th annual day of friendship, sponsored by the Deutsch-Amerikanischer Freundeskreis Niederrhein in Duisburg, Germany
  • “Expressionist Miniatures” – a multi-media show combining music, art and poetry from early 20th century Germany and Austria
  • “Channeling Tradition for the New Millennium” – a multimedia presentation showing how stylistic flexibility, audience outreach, and enhanced content recording widen public recognition

Past Collaborators


Eugenia Alikhanova
Alberto Battiston
Barbara Broz
Laurie Carney
Che Hung Chen
Melvin Chen
Tomas Cotik
William de Pasquale
Francesco D’Orazio
Eugene Drucker
Jennifer Elowitch
Franz Felkl
Eva Gruesser
Franco Gulli
Daniel Han
Solomiya Ivakhiv
Gloria Justen
Nicholas Kitchen
Galina Kokhanovskaia
Marcia Littley
Carlo Lazari
Paul Manaster
Luigi Mazzocchi
Geoffrey Michaels
Paul Roby
Domenic Salerni
Leonard Samuels
Philip Setzer
Rick Shinozaki
Kate Stenberg
Jenny Shames
Charles Stegeman
Arnold Steinhardt
Ari Streisfeld
Igor Szwec
Albert Tan
Kristopher Tong
Andrea Vio
Misha Vitenson
Peter Winograd
Roger Zahab


Daniel Avshalomov
Carol Briselli
Giada Broz
Joseph de Pasquale
Lawrence Dutton
Renard Edwards
Michael Klotz
Tatiana Kokhanovskaia
Doris Lederer
Charlton Lee
Geoffrey Michaels
Luca Morassutti
Raymond Montoni
Mai Motobuchi
Giancarlo di Vacri


John Acosta
Hannah Addario-Berry
Derek Barnes
Vivian Barton
Klaus Broz
Jason Calloway
Eva Csaranko
Nicola Fiorino
David Finckel
Donna Fournier
David Geber
Yumi Kendall
Yeesun Kim
John Koen
Tom Kraines
Lawrence Lenske
Julia Lichten
Olga Ogranovitch
Peter Rejto
Alan Stepansky
Rachel Steuermann
Mark Tanner
Carlo Teodoro
Angelo Zanin


Chuck Israels
Rob Kesselman
Douglas Mapp
Anne Peterson
Aaron Robertson
John Zugel


Jeanne Baxtresser
Andrea Ceccomori
David Cramer
Cynthia Ellis
Ellen Finks
Jennifer Higdon
Yoshimi Oshimi
Evren Ozan
George Pope
Daniele Ruggieri
Giorgia Santoro
Mauro Scappini
Mimi Stillman
Adeline Tomasone
Mary Youngblood


Michele Antonello (oboe)
Jonathan Blumenfeld (oboe)
Vance Reger (oboe)
Jane Owen (oboe)
Josh Kovach (clarinet)
David Krakauer (clarinet)
Benjamin Lulich (clarinet)
Bruno Righetti (clarinet)
Davide Teodoro (clarinet)
Lynette Cohen (bassoon)
David Intrator (bassoon)
Angela Anderson-Smith (bassoon)


Philip Myers
William Purvis
Peter Reit
James Ross
Karen Mendocha Schubert
Frøydis Ree Wekre


Graham Ashton
David Bilger
Rich Clymer
Douglas Hedwig
Darin Kelly
Eric Schweingruber

Other instruments

Tim Albright (trombone)
Paul Bryan (trombone)
Alejandro Cardona (guitar)
Barry McCommon (bass trombone)
Nina Kellman (harp)
Anthony Orlando (percussion)
Paola Perrucci (harp)
Kimberly Rowe (harp)
Stefano Tononi (percussion)
Kyle Turner (tuba)
Janet Witman (harp)
Angela Zator-Nelson (percussion)


Charles Abramovic
Adriano Ambrosini
Emanuele Arciuli
Peter Basquin
Matthew Bengtson
Ira Braus
Sara Davis Buechner
Anne Chamberlain
Lisa Emmenheiser
Kenneth Fearn
Rob Frankenberry
Anastasia Gromolgasova
Charles Gangemi
Elitza Harbova
Debra Harder
Linda Laurent
Monica Jakuc Leverett
Arthur Maddox
Alan Moverman
Paul Orgel
Aldo Orvieto
Ben Pasternack
May Phang
Riccardo Piacentini
Leslie Sixfin
Wan-Chi Su
Colette Valentine
Luise Vosgerchian
Althea Waites
Bernhard Wambach
Laura Ward
David Allen Wehr
Lisa Weiss
Harold Zabrack

Other Keyboard

Richard Alexander (organ)
Luigi Celeghin (organ)
Scott Dettra (organ)
Hans Fagius (organ)
Robert Gallagher (organ)
Ken Lovett (organ)
Atsushi Takazumi (harpsichord)
Tracy Richardson (organ & harpsichord)
Giuseppe Zanaboni (organ)


Claudio Ambrosini
William Appling
Salvatore Caputo
José Cueto
Harvey Felder
James Freeman
Angel Gil-Ordóñez
Adrian Gnam
Paul Goodwin
Thomas Hong
Heidi Jacob
Christopher Kendall
Clayton Krehbiel
Louis Lane
Stefan Lano
Thomas Lloyd
Gonçalo Lourenço
Andrea Manucci
Edward McClary
Mario Merigo
Geoffrey Michaels
Karl Middleman
Joseph Modica
Eddie Mora
Donald Nally
Tian Hui Ng
Joseph Quittner
Jeffrey Rink
James Ross
Carl St. Clair
Eric Townell
Daniel Walshaw
James Yannatos
Roger Zahab


Justine Aaronson
Nancy Armstrong
Johanna Arnold
Kristina Bachrach
Kelly Ann Bixby
Joy Blackett
Karen Blanchard
Alyssa Bowlby
Brigitte Canins
Alexander Dobson
Suzanne DuPlantis
Pura Fe & Ulali
Janice Fiore
Anne Fuchs
Misoon Ghim
Mark Hagerty
Leah Inger
Maurizio Magnini
Randi Marazzo
David Ripley
Tiziana Scandaletti
William Sharp
Rebecca Siler
Cie Sotome
Janet Steele
Jane Struss
Elizabeth Weigle


William Albright
Ingrid Arauco
Daniel Asia
Louis Ballard
Claude Ballif
Marino Baratello
Hans Christian Bartel
John Benskin
William Bolcom
Charles Cacioppo
George Cacioppo
Beatrice Campodonico
Robert Capanna
Alejandro Cardona
Robert Carl
Joseph Castaldo
Franco Cavallone
Ernesto Rubin de Cervin
Raven Chacon
Andrea Clearfield
George Crumb
Tina Davidson
Bill Dobbins
Daniel Dorff
Michael Eckert
Cynthia Folio
Katherine Freiberger
David Froom
Orlando Jacinto Garcia
Ada Gentile
Peter Gilbert
Jeremy Gill
Luis Jorge González
Mark Hagerty
Stephen Hartke
Jennifer Higdon
Lee Hoiby
Michael Hersch
Joseph Hudson
Massimo Iamone
Ulysses Kay
Kendall Kennison
Earl Kim
Leon Kirchner
Jan Krzwycki
Robert Kyr
Stefan Lano
Robert Hall Lewis
Ruth Lomon
Daniel Luzko
Robert Maggio
Philip Maneval
Jill McManus
Larry Nelson
Ketty Nez
Karola Obermueller
Riccardo Piacentini
Claire Polin
Robert Pollock
Paolo Porto
James Primosch
Trevor Reed
Barbara Rettagliati
Jay Reise
George Rochberg
Michael Alec Rose
Mathew Rosenblum
Judith Sainte Croix
Paul Salerni
Christopher Shultis
Kile Smith
Larry Alan Smith
Donald Sur
Richard Trythall
George Walker
Robert Ward


Duo Alterno
Fiore-Cacioppo Duo
Ceccomori-Harbova Duo
Trio Sona
Dolce Suono Trio
Sartory Trio
American Quartet
Amernet Quartet
Borromeo Quartet
Del Sol Quartet
Emerson Quartet
Moscow Quartet
The Ravenhill String Quartet
Lyric Fest
New York Chamber Brass
Quartetto di Venezia
Friends Chamber Group
Philadelphia Brassworks
Ensemble Ex Novo
NED Ensemble
Haverford Chamber Players
Cornell Contemporary Chamber Players
Network for New Music
20th Century Consort
Left Bank Concert Society
Virtuosi dell’ Ensemble di Venezia
Venice Cello Ensemble
Ensemble Solarium
National Jazz Ensemble
Orchestra 2001
Chamber Orchestra of Bryn Mawr
Chamber Orchestra First Editions
Bach Society Orchestra
Alba Festival Orchestra
Carmel Bach Festival Orchestra
Philadelphia Classical Symphony
American Composers Orchestra
Yale Symphony Orchestra
Curtis Symphony Orchestra
University of Maryland Symphony
University of Pittsburgh Orchestra
Concerto Soloists of Philadelphia
Chicago Symphony
Milwaukee Symphony
National Symphony
Kansas City Symphony
Tacoma Symphony
Akron Symphony
Rochester Symphony
State Orchestra of Mexico
Orquesta Sinfónica de Heredia
Maryland Chorus
Coro Madrigalia
Coro MensanaX
Chapman University Chorus
Choir of St. Paul’s Chestnut Hill
Haverford-Bryn Mawr Chamber Singers
Voces Novae et Antiquae
Chamber Singers of U Mass Boston
The Crossing
Coro Accademia Musicale di Venezia
The Thunderbird American Indian Dancers


Artists and people of letters

Christopher Cairns (sculptor)

Renato D’Agostin (photographer, NY & Venice)

Retha & Steve Gambaro (sculptor & photographer)

Martha Kent (painter)

Hee Sook Kim (print maker, painter, installation artist)

Ying Li (painter)

Charles Stegeman Sr. (painter)

Kofi Agawu (musicologist)

Stanislaw Baranczak (Polish poetry)

Jeff Brown (NPR News Hour)

Nevia Pizzul-Capello (author, President of the Goethe Institut/ACIT, Venice)

Nancy Omaha Boy (the Native American experience)

Luigi Cerantola (Italian poet)

John Co’ií Cook (Navajo elder and spiritual leader)

Paulita Aguilar (Indigenous Nations Library Program)

Oliviero Corbetta (Italian actor)

George Dameron (history of medieval Italy)

Susan Dean (Native American Literature)

Ada Deer (Cherokee tribal leader, activist)

Ted Fernald (Athapaskan linguistics)

Richard Freedman (musicologist)

Shelley DePaul (Chief of the Lenape Nation)

Ashok Gangadean (global philospher)

Berkant Haydin (president, Joseph Marx Society)

Joseph Horowitz (author in music)

Paul Humphreys (ethnomusicologist)

Frederica de Laguna (anthropologist)

Lia Laterza (printmaker, Piemonte)

Robert Leverett (Cofounder, Native Tree Society)

Frederick Mauk (musicologist)

David McAllester (ethnomusicologist)

Jill McManus (jazz pianist, author, filmmaker, activist)

Renzo Oliva (artist, author, Italian consul)

Owen Owens (environmentalism & human rights)

Vera Bauer Palmer (Native American studies)

John Peters (Supreme Medicine Man, Wampanoag Nation)

James Ransom (Native American Literature)

Joseph Russo (classics, Sicilian folklore)

John Thornton (videographer, digital artist)

Harvey Sachs (author in music)

Claudio Saltarelli (Italian poet)

Christopher O. Scaife (poet, actor, educator, academic leader)

Michael Sells (Islamicist & religion professor)

John Sessions (contemporary Italian music)

Tom Simone (Dante translator)

Inés Talamantez (Native American religion)

Vladimir Tamari (visual artist, physicist, inventor)

Friedrich Thiel (poet & writer, German & English)

Margot Villecco (design critic)

Barbara Wall (Peace & Justice Education)

Brian Yothers (Melville/Whitman scholar)

Paul Zolbrod (Navajo language and legend)

Venues, festivals, conferences

Curt Cacioppo has appeared at 60 or more venues on the U.S. college/university circuit, at over 40 gallery/library/community venues, at nearly 20 prominent domestic venues, and at some 50 foreign venues. He has participated in various roles at more than 70 festivals/residencies/conferences internationally.


For those individuals and organizations who might wish to commission future works, please consult the works page to get a sense of his track record with commissions, grants, awards and prizes.