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Ritornello CD draws attention, praise

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The new Cacioppo disc RITORNELLO was released by Navona Records on August 12th, and has garnered both a Grammy nomination and inclusion on Fanfare’s end-of-year critic’s “want list:” “Curt Cacioppo is a prolific, uncategorizable American composer, whose music on his latest release, Ritornello, is more often than not tonal, melodic, and programmatic, inspired by Italian […]

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Typescripts from Native American talks in Italy

October 11th, 2014 · No Comments · Uncategorized

For those who requested copies, I am posting below the typescripts of the two talks that I gave in Bari, Italy Oct. 7 & 8 for the festival and conference on Louis W. Ballard and the Music of the Southwest at the Piccinni Conservatory, in both Italian and English.  Contact me through this site if […]

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