Ying Li and Curt Cacioppo: A Synaesthetic Marriage of Art and Music

Synaesthesis I

Trilogia Dantesca Trailer

Sonata Trasfigurata

Reflection of Flames on Wet Pavement

Laws of the Pipe

Sorriso a Catania with Art of Ying Li



Cacioppo plays “Piece for the Swans” by Joseph Hudson

“Vision of the Crusades” Performed by Robert Gallagher, Organ

Suite from “Vespero vermiglio” Performed by Scott Dettra, Organ

The NED ensemble of Brescia Performs “Luce è donna”

Native American Music Lecture

Curt Cacioppo discusses Lyric Fest’s premiere of “Volgi, Beatrice”

incontro con Curt Cacioppo

Channeling Tradition

Snake Dance with the Dolce Suono Trio

The Ancestors