Curt Cacioppo

MSR Classics

Né più la luce

Kristina Bachrach, soprano
Curt Cacioppo, piano
Evan Ocheret, oboe

(I, madly struggling, cry)

William Sharp, baritone
Wan-Chi Su, piano


Albany Records

Armed and Dangerous (fantasy-variations on l’homme armé)

Emanuele Arciuli, piano

Galatea (from Women of Ancient Greek Myth)

Viva Voce Chamber Singers
Nathan Zullinger, conductor

Sarbaggiu (from TUSCAN FOLIO, Symphony No. 3)

Yale Symphony Orchestra
James Ross, conductor

Through Glass

Navona Records

Trio for Violin, Horn and Piano (Tracks 5, 6, & 7)

Francesco D’Orazio, violin
David Wetherill, horn
Curt Cacioppo, piano


Curt Cacioppo

Navona Records

Divertimenti in Italia (String Quartet No. 6)

Quartetto di Venezia – Andrea Vio, violino 1; Alberto Battiston, violino 2; Giancarlo di Vacri, viola; Angelo Zanin, violoncello

Trulli Sketches

In the Dolomites

Sorriso a Catania

Dalle Dolomiti all’ Etna/From the Dolomites to Etna

Curt Cacioppo, pianista; Marino Baratello, voice-over/voce recitante

Venezia mia! (oppure “a Violetta”)


Mitleid (חמלה)

Ecco Venere

Consolatio (from Vespero Vermiglio)

Nel mezzo del cammin – with narration

Burlesca (on “Fin ch’ han dal vino”)

Women at the Cross/Donne alla Croce (Quintetto per pianoforte ed archi)

Quartetto di Venezia – Andrea Vio, violino 1; Alberto Battiston, violino 2; Giancarlo di Vacri, viola; Angelo Zanin, violoncello; Curt Cacioppo, pianista

Maria, gratia plena




The Third Mary/La Terza Maria


Sons of Thunder/Figli del Tuono

The Realm of Possibility

Music of composer Mark Hagerty


The Realm of Possibility: 33 minutes, 16 tracks

Facets (track 11)

After Duchamp: 17 minutes, 10 tracks

Curt Cacioppo, piano

Fine Music, Vol. 4

Navona Records

Scenes from Indian Country: Invocation and Dance of the Mountain Gods (track 5)

Chamber Orchestra of Bryn Mawr

Heidi Jacob, conductor


Music of American Composers with major works by Curt Cacioppo

Kuumba Music

Philadelphia Diary (World Premiere Recording)

Under the Treaty Elm (ending segment)

Old Swedes

Strawbridge Observatory

Masonic Temple

Boathouse Row

Fantasy-Choruses On “This Little Light of Mine”

Althea Waites (piano)

Heavy Pedal

Works for Organ

Navona Records

Curt Cacioppo

di cibo celeste (ciaconna-fantasia on themes from Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”)

Robert Gallagher, organ

Laws of the Pipe

Curt Cacioppo

Navona Records


Janice Fiore, soprano; David Geber, cello; Curt Cacioppo, piano

Kinaaldá – the Rite of Changing Woman

Borromeo String Quartet – Nicholas Kitchen, violin; Kristopher Tong, violin; Mai Motobuchi, violo; Yeesun Kim, cello

Part One: Fantasy

Part Two: Theme and Variations

Tema (Summer)

Var. I (Courante 2)

Var. II (Fall)

Var. III (Courante 2)

Var. IV (Winter)

Var. V (Courante 3)

Var. VI (Spring)


Scenes from Indian Country

The Chamber Orchestra of Bryn Mawr – Heidi Jacob, music director

Invocation and Dance of the Mountain Gods

Raven Lance (Beloved Emblem)

Crying For Justice (Old Petitions)

Adeline Tomasone, solo flute


Curt Cacioppo

Navona Records

Impressioni venexiane (Impressions of Venice)

Sunrise over St. Mark’s (aerial view)

Song of the Serenissima

Quadriga (il duomo)

Reflection of flames on wet pavement (Piazza San Marco)

Simbolo (Chiesa di S. Maria Maddalena)

Canzone popolare (“Venezia mia!”)

Napping on Attila’s throne (Torcello)

Campo dei Mori

Il Ghetto

Sunset on the banks of Lido


Quartetto d’Archi di Venezia: Andrea Vio (violin), Alberto Battiston (violin), Luca Morassutti (viola), Angelo Zanin (cello)

Sulla Via dei Sette Ponti (On the Road of the Seven Bridges)

Getreidegasse Nr. 9

Lo studio

Capriccio leggendario




Old Swedes (piccola fantasia su “Santa Lucia”)


Matthew Bengtson, piano

Colomba scarlatta della Libia (Red Dove of Libya)

Prélude ericéen

Melodrama* and Ayre

Processional Dance

Network for New Music: David Cramer (flute), Kimberly Rowe (harp), Robert Kesselman (contrabass), Angela Zator Nelson (percussion), Curt Cacioppo (celesta), Lily Press (voice overs)

Ancestral Passage

Chamber Music of Curt Cacioppo

MSR Classics



Emanations from the Underworld


Hogan Dance

The Swallows Colloquy

Shawl Dance

Coyote’s Leap

Fire Dance

Fortyniner (Round Dance)

The Moscow String Quartet

The Ancestors






Friends Chamber Group

Composer’s commentary

On Coyoteway

On The Ancestors


A Distant Voice Calling




Finale: Rondo

The American String Quartet

Snake Dance (1985)

Friends Chamber Group

Composer’s commentary

On A Distant Voice Calling

On Snake Dance

Burning With The Muse

Vocal Works of Curt Cacioppo & Joseph Hudson

MSR Classics


Sieben Thiel Lieder

Es stirbt in Menschen nie
Einmal nur dich zu berühren
Herbst voll Licht (track 3)

Wasser, Luft und Schaum
Abends sind die Geister schwer
Der Spinne gleicht die Zeit
Daß ich denke

Poems from Paternina

Ghosts of Old Desires
In Memoriam
To a Connoisseur

Franciscan Prayer

Michael Riley (bass-baritone), Curt Cacioppo (piano), Leah Inger (soprano), David Bilger (trumpet), Anthony Orlando (percussion)

Millennium Crossings (Incroci di Millennio)

Piano Music, 1975-2000

Capstone Records

Curt Cacioppo


Sonata trasfigurata

Lisa Weiss, piano

Ingrid Arauco: Triptych

Freely, quasi improvisando


Allegro, with wit and verve

Curt Cacioppo, piano

Joseph Hudson

Fantasy-Refrain II

Piece for the Swans

Curt Cacioppo, piano

Keyboard Fantasies

Music of Curt Cacioppo

Capstone Records

Three American Fantasies

Contrapuntal Fantasy on John Newton’s “Amazing Grace”

Ostinato-Fantasia on “All Creatures of Our God and King”

Fantasy-Choruses on “This Little Light of Mine”

Charles Abramovic (piano), Kenneth Fearn (piano), Paul Orgel (piano)

di cibo celeste (Ciaconna-Fantasia on Themes from Mozart’s Don Giovanni)

Robert Gallagher (organ)

Visione delle Crociate (Vision of the Crusades)

Robert Gallagher (organ)

New Music for Oboe

Capstone Records

Ingrid Arauco: Trio for oboe, violin, and piano




Jonathan Blumenfeld (oboe), Gloria Justen (violin), Curt Cacioppo (piano)

Curt Cacioppo: Concerto for Oboe and String Chamber Orchestra with Harpsichord



Allegro con spirito

Ensemble Solarium, Heidi Jacob (conductor),
Jonathan Blumenfeld (oboe)


Music of Curt Cacioppo

Capstone Records

Three Piano Pieces

America: a prayer

¡Angelus! (After Jimenez)

Old Petitions

Curt Cacioppo (piano)

Pawnee Preludes

The Buffalo and the Crow

The Woman Imitates the Buffalo

I Hear the Sound of a Child Crying

Spring Is Opening

Beloved Emblem (For The Left Hand Only)

How Near Is the Morning?

Old Age Is Painful

The Woman Welcomes the Warrior

Mad Chief Mourns for His Grandson

Curt Cacioppo, piano






Dance Of Celebration

Emerson String Quartet

Society of Composers, Inc.

Intimate Thoughts

Capstone Records

Curt Cacioppo


Curt Cacioppo (composer & piano), Janice Fiore (soprano),
David Geber (cello)

The Distant Native Voice: America’s other musical heritage

Orchestral music by Dvorak, MacDowell, Busoni, Cacioppo

Artist Release

Scenes from Indian Country

Invocation and Dance of the Mountain Gods

Raven Lance

Crying for Justice

Chamber Orchestra of Bryn Mawr, Heidi Jacob (music director)

Inner Compass

Music of Joseph Hudson

Paladin Records

Inner Compass: 12 tracks

Four Piano Preludes: I. October Wind (track 2)

Fantasy/Refrain II

Curt Cacioppo, piano