PIANO VARIATIONS notes & download

January 31st, 2017 Uncategorized

My PIANO VARIATIONS on Hail to the Chief act to affirm and to celebrate our country’s diversity and its people. It is truly “for ALL Americans,” and represents many constituencies. A blustery fanfare and flourish announce the Theme (already varied, as it finds itself in a heckled quodlibet framework). Variation I (“Arabesques”), acknowledges the Islamic American community. Variation II (“Phelonious Blues”) pays homage to the African American community. Variation III (“¡Nunca pagaremos!”) represents the Latin American, and particularly Mexican, community. Variation IV (“Rock Solid”) is in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux, and is dedicated to Native Americans throughout the hemisphere. Variation V (“Tarantella”), for the left hand, honors Americans with disabilities. Variation VI (“Stronger Together”) represents the Asian American community, and incorporates a part for the page turner (hence the invocation of the campaign slogan as title). Variation VII („Träumerei”) is based on a motif derived from the letters LGBT. Variation VIII (“Daughters of Freedom”) amplifies the Women’s Suffrage song of the same title. The Finale (“Tear down this wall!”) bears the indication Marcia putinesca, and expresses some of my feelings about the United States’ relationship with the international community. Privately I had a very distinct program in mind when planning and executing the work, but there is much opportunity for alternative reading and reading-in. As absolute music, the piece is virtuosic and emotional — at times wry and ironic, at other times perturbed and passionate. Along with other works of mine in this vein, such as America: a prayer and Three American Fantasies, it ultimately reflects a sense of patriotism as deeply rooted as it is complicated.

The score is available for perusal and download by clicking here: Cacioppo Piano Variations.