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25 years have passed since the first notes of Curt Cacioppo’s Womb of the Sacred Mountains were sounded by the legendary Emerson String Quartet. In commemoration, Orenda Press brings together in this double disc release all four works that comprise this unprecedented, monumental cycle inspired by the Navajo creation story.

The journey begins with Níłch’i dine’é (…a distant voice calling…), as four mysterious Holy People call forth life and bring into being First Man and First Woman. Mą’ iijí hatáál (Coyoteway) then traces the impact of its nervy protagonist on human evolution. Blessing comes in Kinaaldá (The Rite of Changing Woman – the principal Navajo deity). And the victories of her son Nayénĕzgạni (Monsterslayer), who makes the world safe for succeeding populations, are celebrated in the final quartet. The American, Moscow, Borromeo and Emerson quartets respectively escort the listener along this path of emergence.

This limited edition release is available solely in physical form exclusively through Orenda Press.

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