Online compliments for “ITALIA”

September 15th, 2010 Uncategorized

“The sound is great…[compared to other releases] this is music of freer range imaginatively…I felt like I was breathing clearer air. Impressions of Venice is a travelogue that will energize you…deeply veined exoticism (Red Dove of Libya)”

— Indystar online, Jay Harvey

“…intriguing pieces, skirting the line between nostalgic tonality and exploratory dissonance, approachable but not populist – a difficult thing to achieve. Impressions of Venice, commissioned and performed by the Quartetto di Venezia, moves through rapid, almost violent passages of zigzagging strings through beatific exhalations of sustained calm. The spirit of Vivaldi is subtly conveyed through the metallic sheen Cacioppo at times gets from his players, and the pizzicato opening of the fourth movement recalls Bartok’s fourth quartet. On the Road to the Seven Bridges for solo piano, a study of ironic distance … vaguely reminiscent of Poulenc or Satie. Red Dove of Libya is dominated by winding flute lines and sparse recitation, coloured by impressionist dabs from harp, contrabass and percussion. Again, Cacioppo turns to fin-de-siecle France for inspiration, and wrenches intriguing new shapes from these forces.”

—, Joshua Meggitt

“appealing winsomeness…improvisatory-sounding…intensely earnest…sensitive and colorful writing…jazzy syncopations and jazzy coloration…all very appealing”

— Audiophile Audition, Lee Passarella